Cargo nets for Erde trailers

Erde cargo net

Cargo nets are a great way of securing loose items inside you trailer at a fraction of the cost of a hard top cover. Erde manufacture a variety of sizes to

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fit all of their standard trailers in the ‘leisure’ or ‘commercial’ range.

Erde cargo nets are made from high quality elastic cord and heavy duty nylon netting. This type of cargo net is designed to specifically to stretch between the hooks that Erde trailers have on the outside of their body panels.

Good features of an Erde cargo net include:

  • Much cheaper than a cover for your trailer
  • Quick

    to fit and remove

  • Folds up nicely and can be stored in a small space

Bad features of an Erde cargo net include:

  • Does not come with any hooks. If your trailer does not have studs around the body panels for nets or straps, this net may not work for you
  • Unlike a trailer cover, cargo nets are not waterproof
  • Cargo nets cannot be locked

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