Erde cycle carriers

Erde trailer cycle carrier

Erde cycle carriers mount on the load bars of your trailer or to the roof rack of your car, providing an excellent way to safely transport bicycles. The cycle’s frame is supported by a padded clamp, while small straps around the rails keep the cycles wheels in place.

The clamp that supports the frame has a lock and key to prevent theft of cycles.

Good features of an Erde cycle carrier include:

  • Can be fastened to your trailer load bars or car roof rack
  • Built in clamp and extra straps to secure your cycle
  • Built in lock to prevent theft

Bad features of an Erde cycle carrier include:

  • Can be expensive as you will need the loadbars or roof rack to mount it on
  • Cannot be mounted without loadbars or a roof rack
  • Has a known problem when fitting to a CP150 hardtop cover (see below)

This accessory would be great for a camping trip or holiday.

*Important* Erde cycle carriers are mounted on the load bars on your trailer. The frame clamp of the cycle carrier shares the same bracket that secures the carrier to the front load bar. When Erde cycle carriers are fitted to a CP150 hardtop (suitable for the Erde 142, 143 and 153), this bracket is forced further forward due to the position of the load bars on this model of hardtop. This causes the front wheel of your cycle to overhang the carrier when it’s frame is clamped.

To correct this you must ignore the pre-drilled holes in the cover and move the front load bar 4 to 6 inches closer to the rear. You will be required to drill new holes in the hard-top in order to mount the load bar in a more suitable position. See this article on fitting trailer load bars for more information.

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Erde cycle carriers