Erde hard-top trailer loadbars

Erde hard-top trailer loadbars

Erde hard-top loadbars allow you to secure extra items to the top of your trailers hard-top cover. If you have completely filled you trailer and it is still under its recommended gross weight, you can

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secure additional items such as extra goods, cycle rails and top-boxes to the top of it with a set of hard-top loadbars.

Hard-top loadbars are available for any model of Erde trailer that is compatable with a hard-top cover.
Good features of a set of Erde loadbars include:

  • Increases the capacity of your trailer (as long as it remains under recommended gross weight)
  • Can be fitted to a hardtop to further increase in capacity
  • Allows you to securely carry items that are slightly longer than your trailer
  • The perfect base to fit cycle rails and top boxes

Bad features of Erde loadbars include:

  • They are expensive
  • Hardtop covers are not available for all models of trailer, so neither are hardtop loadbars
  • There are no pre-drilled fittings for loadbars, you have

    to drill holes in your hard-top cover

Hardtop loadbars are not available for Erde 102 and Erde 213 trailers.
For a wide selection of trailer parts including Erde trailer loadbars, please visit our website: Erde trailer loadbars