Erde lightweight jockey wheel fitting instructions

Here is a fitting guide for lightweight Erde jockey wheels.
Erde jockey wheel kit

When building a trailer from scratch you may find it easier to fit the jockey wheel while the trailer is upside down. If you are fitting a jockey wheel to a complete trailer, we recommend supporting the towing hitch on something to lift the front of the trailer of the ground. This should make the drawbar easier to work on.

First of all you will need to assemble the bracket that fastens the clamp to the drawbar.

This bracket is made up of two plates. A larger plate, shaped with a 50mm deep fold that fits around the trailers drawbar, while the other has a smaller 10mm deep fold allowing the clamp to be expanded to fit 60mm drawbars if necessary.

Erde jockey wheel clamp bracket

If being fitted to a 50mm drawbar, place two short bolts through the pre-drilled holes in the folded side of the larger plate. These bolts must be facing out from the fold as the smaller plate bolts to it. Bolt the larger plate to the flat end of the smaller plate, making sure that the fold in the smaller plate faces out.

If your trailer has a 60mm drawbar, turn the smaller plate over so that it is bolted to the larger plate ‘fold to fold’ like the example below. This will give you the extra 10mm you need to fit a larger drawbar.

Jockey wheel clamp 60mm drawbar

The example below is a 50mm drawbar.

Position clamp bracket along the drawbar

After you have positioned this bracket in suitable place, insert two large bolts and spacers to hold the bracket in place. Do not apply nuts to these bolts just yet as the jockey wheel clamp must also be fitted to them.

Erde jockey bracket on drawbar

Slot the wheel clamp onto the ends of these large bolts and secure both bracket and clamp with the same nuts.

Erde jockey wheel clamp in place
Finally, fit the jockey wheel in the clamp and tighten it up.
Erde jockey wheel in clamp

Some jockey wheels can be wound up with a handle, others require the clamp to be slackened and then raised manually. Do not forget to raise your jockey wheel when you begin a journey as they do not last long if left down.

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