Erde trailer security devices

There is a selection of security devices available for Erde trailers, ranging from coupling head locks to wheel clamps. Trailer theft is a common problem, especially with commercial trailers as they can be worth a lot of money.

You can protect your Erde trailer with any of the following:
Hitch locks
Trailer hitch lock

Hitch locks fit over the trailers towing hitch and then padlock shut, completely preventing the towing hitch from operating. Fitting the hitch lock while the trailer is connected to a car will prevent anybody from uncoupling the trailer.

This type of hitch lock is manufactured by Mottez, and is one of the few hitch locks that will fit all models of Erde trailer. This is due to the rear of the lock having a ‘cut out’ that avoids obstructions such as a-frame drawbars.

Coupling head locks
Trailer coupling head lock

Coupling head locks are small metal locks that push into a hole on the coupling head. Turn and remove the key to lock the internal mechanism of the coupling. This too can be used while the trailer is hitched to prevent anybody uncoupling the trailer.

Wheel clamps
Trailer wheel clamp

Wheel clamps are also a popular choice in trailer security. You cannot tow a clamped trailer without causing serious damage to it or attracting a lot of attention, making this security device extremely

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‘Trailer Cop’ locks
'Trailer Cop' trailer lock

‘Trailer Cop’ locks are tow ball shaped and fit into the towing hitch of your trailer. To lock them, use a key to open the bottom of the lock and reveal a bolt inside. Tightening this bolt with an Allen Key forces the lock to expand inside the towing hitch which holds it in place. Use the key again to return the bottom

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of the lock, protecting the expander bolt inside.

Once locked in they are difficult to remove and render the towing hitch of your trailer useless. Unfortunately they do not protect any other parts of your towing hitch, such as the bolts that connect the hitch to the trailer. So while this lock sounds like a good idea, in reality it is not as effective as others.

For extra security you could always fit more that one of these devices at once. Clamping a wheel and locking the coupling at the same time would completely incapacitate a trailer.

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