Erde trailer spare wheels and supports

Erde spare wheel support

After choosing the correct spare wheel you can mount it to your trailer with a spare wheel support.

There are several different types of spare wheel supports available from Erde. The first is the SP150, which will fit Erde’s ‘leisure’ range and similar size Daxara trailers. This is an under-mounted support that suspends the spare wheel from the trailers straight drawbar. This is particularly useful on the ‘leisure’ range as it saves space and keeps the spare wheel out of the way.

The second type is the SP153. This will fit any Erde trailer that uses the old style decal. This will not fit trailers with the newer colour scheme because it is a panel mounted bracket, and the panels are now a different shape.

The third type is the SP158. A panel mounted bracket, similar to the last. This bracket will fit any Erde trailer that uses the new style decal as it suits the new shaped panels.

The final type is the SP238. This is designed for the larger commercial trailer range, and mounts the spare wheel onto one of the trailers body panels. Trailers in the ‘commercial’ range use larger, heavier wheels due to their increased size and capacity. Due to the heavier wheels, this is a heavy duty bracket.

Good features of a spare wheel support include:

  • You have a spare wheel in case of emergency
  • The wheel support stores the spare wheel out of the way

Bad features of a spare wheel support include:

  • Adds weight to your trailer
  • Removing the wheel from the support will cause the support to become loose on the drawbar. You must remember to completely remove the support or it is likely to drop off

Most spare wheel supports are very similar and will fit more than one type of trailer. Maypole manufactures a similar support to the one suitable for Erde’s ‘leisure’ range. This will also fit smaller Daxara trailers.

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