Erde 60cm high waterproof cover with metal frame

Erde 60cm High Cover

Erde 60cm high waterproof trailer covers are a popular accessory as they are less expensive and easier to fit than a hardtop cover. These high covers are made from a thick waterproof material that is tailored to fit any trailer from the Erde ‘leisure’ or ‘commercial’ range.

Covers like this come complete with a metal frame to support them, which also increases the capacity of your trailer by a further 60cm in height. This cover also has built in bungee cables that stretch over

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studs on the outside of your trailer. These bungee cables keep the cover firmly attached to the trailer, but unfortunately there is no way to lock this style of cover. Overall, this is an easy to use and versatile cover that can stop the weather from getting into your trailer.

Good features of an Erde 60cm high cover include:

  • Made

    of thick waterproof material

  • Extends the capacity of your trailer
  • Built in bungee cord
  • Cheaper than a hardtop
  • Easily removed if required

Bad features of an Erde flat top:

  • Can not be locked
  • Can be easily torn or cut
  • During heavy rain the cover can sag and collect water
  • Are not available for all models of trailer
  • Cannot be fitted to a trailer with a ladder rack

60cm High waterproof covers are available for trailer models 143 and above.
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