Erde cycle carrier fitting guide

Here is a guide that will help you fit cycle carriers to an Erde trailer.

Please remember that you must have loadbars or a hard-top cover with loadbars installed on your trailer in order to fit cycle carriers. It is also possible to fit these to some car roof racks.

Start by slotting these square headed bolts into the grooves underneath the cycle carriers.

Slot these bolts into the groove under the cycle carrier

Slot two bolts into each end of the cycle carrier and roughly position each pair the same distance apart as the loadbars on your trailer.

Slot two bolts into each end of the carrier

Connect a mounting plate to one end of the cycle carrier using the bolts you slotted into it.

Connect a mounting plate to each end of the carrier

Turn the carrier and mounting plate the correct way up and place it onto the loadbar. Using this U-bolt, connect the carrier to the loadbars via the mounting plate.

Use this U-bolt to attach the cycle carrier

The example below shows how the U-bolt secures the mounting plate to the loadbar.

The U-bolt connects the carrier to the loadbar as shown here

The rear of the cycle carrier connects to the loadbars using the two bolts you have already slotted into the opposite end of the carrier. Make sure these two bolts are positioned either side of the rear loadbar. Using the smallest metal plate (similar to the ones used with the U-bolts) and plastic thumb nuts, simply clamp the rear of the carrier to the rear loadbar.

You will need to slip the small protective pads over the ends of the carrier the where it clamps to the frame of your bicycle. There are two large plastic hand wheels that are used to clamp the cycles frame into the carrier, they must also be fitted at this stage.

Two large bolts are passed through the carrier’s clamp for the hand wheels screw onto. A spring is threaded onto one of these bolts, between the two halves of the frame clamp. This holds the clamp open, ready to accept a bicycle frame.

Finally, insert the black plastic end caps into each end of the carrier.

The example below has been equipped with two cycle carriers. You can attach multiple cycle carriers as long as you have the space on your loadbars.

Erde cycle carriers

To avoid overloading your trailer we recommend fitting a maximum of 4 cycle carriers to an Erde 122, 5 cycle carriers to a 142 or 143, and a maximum of 6 cycle carriers to Erde 163 trailers and above.

*Important* There is a known issue when fitting cycle carriers to loadbars mounted on Erde’s hard-top covers. The problem arises on the CP150 model trailer cover (Erde 142 trailers and above). For a detailed description and a suggested solution, please see these related articles: Erde cycle carriers, Trailer load bar fitting guide.

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