Erde commercial jockey wheels

Erde commercial jockey wheel

All Erde trailers can be equipped with a jockey wheel. Installing a jockey wheel

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on your trailer will mean that you will no longer have to bend down and lift the coupling as far to get it onto the tow ball. A jockey wheel will also make moving an un-hitched trailer by hand much easier, and it will keep your trailer level so it can be loaded while un-hitched.

Erde supply two types of jockey wheels, a lightweight version for smaller trailers and a heavy version for the commercial range. The commercial jockey wheel has a heavy duty bracket that is designed to support the weight of larger commercial trailers with A-frame draw bars. Unlike the lightweight version, this bracket mounts on the inside of the A-frame drawbar just behind the coupling.

The heavy duty bracket and bigger wheel make this a much stronger alternative to the lightweight jockey wheel.
Good features of a jockey wheel include:

  • Makes your trailer more manageable when moving it by hand
  • You no longer have to bend down and lift the coupling as far to hitch it
  • Keeps your trailer horizontal when in storage

Bad features of a jockey wheel include:

  • They can be expensive, especially heavy duty models
  • Some people forget about jockey wheels and don’t wind them in before driving off, wearing out an expensive wheel

    in minuets

For a lighter jockey wheel more suitable for Erde’s leisure range, please click here.
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